Start a Farm and Rancher project or fund a project.
At, transparency and accountability is what sets us apart.

As a project creator, your donors, friends, family, and mentors can enjoy watching your project as it happens with updates via images, videos and articles, published easily, just like this one.
You do it all from the dashboard of the Social Farm, create your project group, invite members, your donors, friends, family and mentors, and communicate with them easily.
We have all project creators submit their project outline, the planning guide and create their group. From there, we help you gather the attention your project deserves.
Now we only accept 6 projects every 3 weeks to ensure accountability and proper social attention.

Step 1. Create a Project Step 2 Complete the Planning Guide Step 3: Create your Social Group and Go.

contact us at to learn more.

Post your business listing on and we cross post to 9 major social networks using our #FarmandRancher and more.
We do the work for you so you can get back to farm and ranching and helping out folks with their projects, too.

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Uniting Farmers, Ranchers, and Consumers.

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Uniting Farmers, Ranchers, and Consumers.
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