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Find the right angel investor or VC firm to partner with for your next Farm/Ranch Industry start-up.

Business Lawyers

Legal representation is absolutely necessary for producers and retailers who directly sell to the public or package their products.

Consulting Firms

Consultants can provide key insights on all aspects of your business that will save you hassle down the road.

Real Estate Professionals

Finding a location for your production or retail startup can be difficult. Real Estate agents/agencies can help you locate the ideal spot.

Accounting Services

Companies are likely to be audited, so using a professional accountant & bookkeeping service is recommended.

Banking & Payment Processing

Several Cannabis and farm businesses have limited options when it comes to banking and payment processing: here are some services to consider.

Working Capital Loans

For entrepreneurs who don't want to give up their business to investors, a small business loan can help a startup get on its feet.



Seed Banks & Suppliers

Locate the seed source you desire.  Seed Packets to Commercial operations.

Soil & Nutrients

Find everything you need to grow idea plants from your medium to the nutrients you use

Cultivation Machinery & Equipment (Implements)

Learn about different cultivation technology & equipment manufacturers.

Greenhouse, Fodder, Tunnels+

Explore different grow-site construction services and light-deprivation systems that are available to cultviators.

Grow Lights & Light Dev

Learn about the top indoor grow lights used by Cultivators.

Extraction & Distillation Equip

Learn about the various types of botanical extraction equipment that are available.

Find everything you need to begin producing cannabis distillates and more, from full systems to individual components.


Website Development

Every business needs an online home. These companies can help build your digital presence.

SEO & Social Media

Keeping in touch with your customers through social media is one of the best ways to build a loyal following.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising can be especially difficult for farm  companies: these firms can help growers/retailers establish themselves.


There are a variety of magazines and publications that focus on farm cultivation, culture, and business.

Public Relations

Taking a proactive approach to your brand's media presence can help you establish yourself as a household name.

Photo & Video

There are a variety of publications that focus on Farm cultivation, culture, and business.

Lifestyle Brands, Pens, Koolies, Shirts And Gear

From media, to consumer devices, these companies focus on the farm and rancher identity.



For producer/processors and retailers who transport their goods and solutions.

Staffing & Recruiting

Recruiting firms can help you find the ideal employees to fill your open positions.

Testing & Compliance

Find testing labs & learn about testing equipment and methodologies.

Business Software

From POS, to seed-to-sale tracking, to industry data, business software is a must for every modern company.

Packaging & Processing Solutions

Find unique packaging manufacturers & equipment to do your own packaging.

Business Insurance

Find insurance providers who can address the



Events & Conferences

Connect with other farmers and entrepreneurs and learn about the latest technology and industry trends at these farm trade shows & events.

Trade Associations

Collaboration is key if you want to build lasting business relationships: participate in trade associations to stay in the loop.

Political Organizations

Learn about and contribute to the political organizations that support our farmers and ranchers.

Training & Education

Learn about the courses and certifications that are available to growers and trade professionals.

Tourism & Travel

Tourism is a rapidly-growing niche of the farm industry. From Farm Camping to Tours and more.

Social Networks & Job Boards

There are several farm-oriented social networking platforms and job boards catering to this industry. (Including Ours)



Water Resources & Professionals

Do you need purified H20 that inspires growth and healing (John Ellis Water) a well put in, or professional in the industry. Get the experts here.

Solar & Wind Energy

Installations, Sales and Assistance.

Let's all save the planet one panel at a time.

Fuel Resources

Bio Diesel, Propane, Wood, Pellets, Red Fuel, Diesel, Gas, Manure, Electric....  Yep the list goes on.

Building & Construction

Red iron to installation professionals.  When you need a barn, shop, anything in between, your experts here can help you with material locate and more.

Surveyors & Property Specialists

Cross Your t and dot Your i.  This is the heart of your operations and make it right.



Fruit, Vegetables, & Herbs

Discover Sources here for online ordering and delivery.  Organic, grass fed, pastured, free range only or better quality.


Dairy, Cheese & Milk

Farm fresh sources you'll love having at your doorstep.  From Wisconsin to CA, each company provides superb service & quality.

Poultry & Eggs

Might just be your neighbor with a farm fresh  poultry cuts and eggs delivered to your home..  Moove over milk man, fresh is here.

Meat & Exotics

Companies providing grass fed, pasture raised, beef, pork, goat, lamb, mutton and some very exotic cuts you might just want to try.

Nuts, Seeds, Legumes & Grain

Organic and delicious nuts, seeds, legumes and grains. Farm fresh to your table. Select Companies.

Fish Farms & Aquaculture

No time to go fishing?  Get your farm fresh fish from the sources that raise the slippery ones.

Aquaculture suppliers are here too.

Wine, Beer, Spirits (Distilleries)

Wineries, breweries and distilleries that sell online direct to you.  Yes, these all originate on a farm!

Organic & Other Beverages

And the delightful organic and nutritious beverages just in time for the season.  Quench your thirst and serve these to your friends.

Healthy & Nutritious Food , Sauces, & Preserves.

Select from the sources that provide you with the ingredients that make your meals an inspiration.

Coffee & Tea

Cowboy coffee and Freshly harvesed herbs to make the tea that inspires you to greatness.

Gourmet Supply, Oil & Vinegar

Everything goes with infused vinegar and oil. Let the gourmet come out in you here and try something new.  Farmer fresh infusions that make your meal and bbq sing out loud.


Vehicles, Trailers, UTV/ATV

Dealers with your favorite brands.  See their inventory here.

Equipment, Machinery & Implements

Hardware & Tools

Tools, specialty hardware, things you need and don't want to go to town to get it.

Farming and Garden Supply

Organic seed suppliers, wheelbarrows, hi tunnels, gloves to....farm and garden supply.

Clothing, Hats, Boots, Jewelry & Wearble Gear

Gear up with local hat artisans, your favorite brands, handmade jewelry and gear you need.

Kitchen & Home Accessories

After the harvest comes the cooking and all of the fixings that you'll appreciate.

Farm & Western Art

Tim Cox Galleries to Country Stores with local artisans.  Things you'll love to know about.

Books & Magazines

Only the most reliable and recommended books are on this site and Your Favorite magazines.

Human Health, Skincare & Holistic Healing & Products

Medical Resources, Holistic, Beauty and Natural/Organic Skincare.

Health & Therapeutic Professionals

Do you require a Specialist? Locate Practitioners here that can help you through

Therapeutic and medical use of plants. Fruits, Veges, Herbs And Cannabis.

Hemp, CBD, Cannabis & Accessories

Find manufacturers and distributors of industrial hemp & CBD products for health, beauty, pets, and more.

Crop/Insect Control, Resources & Services

Bees and other Insects, Organic methods to Industrial strength, service providers and resources you may need.







Livestock, Pets & Breeders

Visit the virtual farm, find your new pup, horse, bull, hatchery & more.

Hay, Feed, And Treats

Feed Suppliers, Producers and Treats for all no matter how many legs they have.

Tack & Pet Accessories

Saddles, Blankets, Bridles, Leashes, Kennels, Collars & more

Animal Health Supplies & Resources

Veterinary supplies, organic solutions, Vets, Healers, Therapeutic Solutions.

Trainers, Whisperers, Caregivers, Sitters, Kennels

Help is on the way.  Find the person or service you need.

Outfitters, Guides, Rides, Guest Ranch, Duders, Camps, Lodging & Specialty Accomodations

It's about the adventure and your comfort level.  Get your bucket list out and check things off here.  Camp at a farm, Trail Ride, Pack into the mountains with mules, stay at a 5 star dude ranch in Montana or Stay at a hotel nearby.





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