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Social Farm Fast Start


This Is An Example of A Profile Page.

First...Create Your User Profile.

  • Click the Camera icon in the upper right-hand corner to Upload Your "Header" Image.
  • Your Header image is seen by you and not to be confused with your User Profile image which is located in the lower left-hand corner.
  • Your user profile image in the lower left-hand corner is shown when you join a group, communicate with friends, comment on a post, or anything you do in the social farm.  It is preferred to be your actual image as opposed to an avatar, or other images other than actual self.


  • To start a group, click Groups on the top left, you will be taken to the Group page. (See below)
  • For Project Creators, The Group Title Must Be Your Project Title Name.

social farm group

  • Click Create Group on The Top Right side just below your username and Enter Your Groups Name and Brief Description.

Be creative and accurately describe your group.

  • Select Your Groups Membership Privacy  roles:

Open (anyone can join and participate)

Private (Users need to be invited or request group membership and be accepted) Non-Members can only see the groups "About" Page.

Secret:  Users need to be invited

Non Members cannot see this group at all.


Your Group will be created.  Add a Cover Image and Your Groups User Profile image just as you did when you created your user profile in the very first step.

The difference here is that You Should Enter an Image That Best Describes Your Groups Platform.

You can always change images as your group progresses and changes.


This image will be Your Group's main Image.  Use Your Image For Your Personal Page.

Get creative and use an image that welcomes and energizes your group's description.


  • After the group is created, be sure to set the correct settings for your group notifications.

The 3 choices are below.  Choose 1, 2 or all 3.


Be Notified

Receive email notifications

Next, within your group, there are a few more settings:

Edit The Group To make specific settings like the example below.  Click Settings.



  • Next, click the HOME icon at the top right to see the overall view of your community.


  • Pending notifications and Friend requests will automatically show up at the top right when you have a new notification or friend request.
  • Click on the World icon to view any new requests, comments, and activity.


  • To start a new post, enter text in the box that says:  Say what's on your mind.
  • To add any media, click the button on the lower left side.
  • Select Camera for images, musical note for audio, and the Youtube icon for video.

Follow this lower bar to the right and you will see additional icons.

Here You will select your preferences prior to posting.

  • Site Members, Schedule, Post to, Mood and Location.  
  • Site Members:  Adjust your post viewability.  Select Public, Site members, Friends only or Only Me.  (Keep in mind, Public Setting is irrelevant and this community is for members only and you must be logged in to view a post.)
  • Post To:  Select Post Immediately or Future Schedule a Date and Time To post Your Post.
  • Mood: Select an Emoticon, if desired.
  • Location:  Enter Your Location or if desired or allow locate access to automatically locate your location.

  • Click the Blue Button in the lower right corner after completing your post information, media and settings post Your Post.
  • Click the title to view, edit or delete your post.


  • Next, You can select Community, Show My Posts, Search, and Add Hashtags.


Please try out the features and play around with some postings.  Delete them or keep them.

Any questions, contact us here.






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