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    Welcome to Farm And Rancher Forum, Dedicated to Farmers, Ranchers, Business and Services in our industry, and for our consumers.  Lets’ grow together.

    The Forum includes farmers, ranchers, consumers, realtors, businesses that support farmers, products that support ranchers, basically everything we do, utilize and use to manage our operations, including our end users.

    This forum is designed to communicate with each other in a helpful manner, from farm practices to ranch or range management, cattle to goats, vegetables to fruits, soil health to water.  Everything and anything related.

    Please only use language that supports our growth.  Please do not use Profanity, and please keep it clean or practical.  We have a very diverse array of farmers, ranchers and consumers, of all ages and walks of life.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others. We appreciate this very much.

    We encourage you to list your business or operation, or join The Producers Network.

    If you violate the basics of this community or are flagged for irrational or spammy comments, you will be deleted permanently.  If you are an activist working against our industry, don’t even bother registering.

    Thank You For Joining our community, and  we look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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    Arlene Stafford

    It’s nice to be on this forum. Thanks for the information.

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Farm Fresh Forum Farm Forum Behavior Farm Forum Behavior

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