• On The Top, You will See "Places-Services"  Click This To Change The Category Selections.
  • This is a Drop Down Menu For Real Estate, Ads and Event Listings.
  • Select This First if You ARE Selecting Real Estate, Ads Or Events, Otherwise, Leave It Set At Places-Services.
  • The Menu Directly Beneath This Is a Search Engine of Current Listings in Categories.
  • Do Not Search Listings While Adding Your Listing.
  • Open a New Window And Search on Discover Something Great.
  • These Are The Recommended Help Pages:  Listing Tips, Videos, Tags. 
  • Next, Select The Listing Type in The Category You Are Choosing:  Place-Services, Event, Real Estate or Ad Type
  • The Page Will Refresh When a Listing Category Change Is Made, Such As a Farmers Market To PLACE-SERVICE.
  • Place-Services Are For Paid Listings, While The Other Categories Are Free.
  • Free Listings Are Held In "Pending Status" Until Approved.  Category Abuse Is Not Allowed And Will be Deleted. (What's $48 a Year Anyway!  We Want a Clean and Efficient Directory, So Please Adhere to To These Standards.)



  • You Can Always Make Changes To Your Listing At Any Time To Change Offers And  Images To Keep It Fresh.
  • You Can Edit, Change Images, Add Videos, New Offers, and Social Information At Any Time. Just Log In.
  • We May Cross Post Your Listing To Major Social Sites. Check It Out on Our Social Icons At The Top Right.
  • As We Grow, We Will Include More Categories As Needed. Please Contact Us To Add New Categories.


  • If Showcasing a Listing, Please Use The Checkout Page And Select The Correct Listing Button.
  • Once Completed And Category is Verified, Your Listing Will Go Live.  Edit Away.
  • Checkout This is The Preferred Checkout Method.

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