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How We Started and What Inspired Us.

"Farm and Ranchers are the smartest and hardest working people I've ever met".

The love for the land, the understanding, and care required for the animals, and the knowledge about what it takes to make it work successfully is the meaning of FarmAndRancher.

My name is Cara Randolph and I reside just outside of Cortez, Colorado  (Southwest Colorado).

Our Cattle are mostly Black Angus, grass fed in the high mountain country of Pagosa Springs and SW Colorado.

Over 3,000 acres of Completely Beautiful and Isolated Country.

With years of practice building various sites, I buckled down and doubled down on FarmAndRancher.  Here's Why.

My husband, Allan is a Livestock and ag Auctioneer, Cowboy and Semi Operated Hauling Company.

We raise cattle, irrigate, grow up our pasture, raise our food in our garden, operate a 110-acre mother cow ranch and run on over 3,000 acres in the summer-fall months.

Cara Randolph

farm and rancher

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