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FarmAndRancher is Social  and a Resource Network


How We Started and What Inspired Us.


Cara Randolph is the Creator, Webmaster, and CEO.

Her Husband Allan, is the inspiration for this website concept, name and determination to bring this to fruition.  "It Makes Sense To Him". Coming From a True Farm And Rancher, That's a Compliment!

"Farm and Ranchers are the smartest and hardest working people I've ever met".

The love for the land, the understanding and care required for the animals, and the knowledge about what it takes to make it work successfully is the meaning of FarmAndRancher.

Cara and Allan reside just outside of Cortez, Colorado in Southwest Colorado.  Our Cattle are mostly Black Angus, grass fed in the high mountain country of Pagosa Springs and SW Colorado.

Completely Beautiful and Isolated Country.

With years of practice building various sites, I buckled down and doubled down on FarmAndRancher.  Here's Why.

Allan is a Livestock Auctioneer.  Hanging out at sale barns, you read alot of interesting things.  This whole fake lab created meat really got under my skin and I felt reality set in that much of the public may consume it, but they need to also know their farmers, and where the real food comes from.

We raise cattle, irrigate, grow up our pasture, raise our food in our garden, and our friends and family do too.  This Country was founded on it.  This World depends on us.

I owned (s)  domain name from inception.  I decided to put it to work to do something significant for our industry and the world.




Keeping Farms and Ranching Alive Starts With Us Now.

Now Back To My Husband.

Allan is a Cattle/Livestock Auctioneer in Loma, Colorado for Western Slope Livestock Auction (Sale Barn) for the big weekly sale and Owns Allan's Custom Hauling Company, Hay Sales Operation and Operates Our Community Annual Farm and Ag Sale at the Cortez Livestock Auction House (Sale Barn)

We are embedded in Our community and are the real deal...Farm And Ranchers.

Let's Do This Together and Keep Our family Farms by Educating our consumers, Putting us on the map and making a stand for our planets heritage of farming and ranching.

Not lab created fake cellular meat, fruits and veges.

Just saying.. . .

Cara Randolph

farm and rancher

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